My friend and I were watching some Sixth Doctor episodes today, and realized his epic sass. So, we thought he had a secret to getting his sass. We decided that he ate sass flakes every morning. My (Tom Baker obsessed) friend made this because she has the skill while I supervised and colour coated. Enjoy!

My friend and I were watching some Sixth Doctor episodes today, and realized his epic sass. So, we thought he had a secret to getting his sass. We decided that he ate sass flakes every morning. My (Tom Baker obsessed) friend made this because she has the skill while I supervised and colour coated. Enjoy!



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Emperor of The Daleks comments

Allo! This is Aleks’ friend. The Tom Baker obsessed one. No lies. Anywho, I’m desperate for comments as to fix. Mostly because I want to get this published sooner or later. So please, PLEASE tell me what you think! I’m on my knees here begging. Thank you!

Chapter 7 “Changing the Past”

 It’s all up! This is the last chapter of my friend’s story. Just to remind you, neither my friend or I own Doctor Who, the BBC does. I hope you enjoyed this and please message me with your opinions. (My friend really wants to know how people feel about the story. I’ll post revised chapters by the way.)  Have fun!

 His younger self was sitting on the beach, eating from a bag of jelly babies. The Doctor’s older TARDIS materialized. The younger Doctor stood up in shook as his older self walked out.

“I don’t have much time, so listen carefully,” said the older Doctor. “In about three days you’re going to meet a girl named Catharine Smith. She’ll be seven years old. Avoid her as much as you can.”

“Why should I?”

The older Doctor sighed. “Because if you know and travel with her, she’ll die.” The Doctors’ minds touched. The younger Doctor understood why his older self’s eyes were red and puffy. He understood his love for a girl he never met. “If you love her like I did, avoid her. Let her live her life here in safety.” He gave his younger self her ring. “I trust you’ll do the smart thing,” and with that he walked back into his TARDIS, and dematerialized.

Three days later the Cybermen invaded New York. A Cyberman had a young woman in its grasp. The Doctor ran up to it, and put a gold slip on the back of its head. The girl was freed, and the Doctor took her hand

When he saw her face, he let go. It was Catharine Smith.

“Run. Get away as fast as you can, and don’t look back,” he told her. He turned, and started to run towards the Cybermen.

“Wait! Who are you?” she asked. The Doctor knew if he continued with the conversation, the future would be set in stone; no redo’s this time.

He stopped running, and looked at her darkly over his shoulder. “A dangerous man,” he said. He spun to look at her. “Now get out of here!” he bellowed. He felt bad about it, but he scared her off.

She nodded in slight fear, and ran away. She forgot about the Doctor years later.

The Doctor went through the Dalek’s genesis, only this time without Cass.  He traveled for years after that. One day the TARDIS took him aboard a ship in space. He got out, and he heard a woman say, “I’m trying to send a distress signal! Stop talking about doctors,”

“I’m a doctor,” the Doctor said. “But probably not the one you were expecting,”

She turned around to look at him. Her face was pale, and she had hazel eyes and dark hair. The Doctor thought he’ve seen her somewhere, but he couldn’t place her face anywhere.

“Where are the rest of the crew?” he asked.

“Teleported off!”

“But you’re still here,” he said surprised.

“I teleported them,” she said like it was obvious.

“Why you?”

“Everyone else was screaming,” 

He paused for a moment. “Welcome aboard,”

She breathed a laughed. “What?”

“Come on, I’ll show you,” he said, reaching his hand out. She took it.

They rushed across the ship.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Back of the ship,”


“Because the front crashes first, think it through,” he told her. A door closed that sealed the TARDIS and the Doctor closed. “Ah…” he groaned. “Why did you do that?” He asked the door.

“Emergency protocols,” she answered.

The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver, and tried to open the door.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


The Doctor knew that name alright, but he didn’t show it. He couldn’t show it.

“You’re young to be crewing a gunship, Cassy,” He sometimes called her that.

“I wanted to see the universe. Is it always like this?”

“If you’re lucky,” the door opened. Cass looked at the blue box like it was alien. And it was to her.

“Don’t worry, it’s bigger on the inside,” he assured her.

She looked at him like he was crazy. She slightly backed away from him. “What did you say? Bigger on the inside, is that what you said?”

“Yes, come on, you’ll love it.” 

“Is this… Is this a TARDIS?”

“Yes, but you’ll be perfectly safe, I promise you.” He reached for her hand.

“Don’t touch me!” she snapped. She slightly backed away.

The Doctor looked at her with a grim look. “I’m not part of the war,” I made it, he thought to himself. “I swear to you, I never was,” I created it, he thought.

“You’re a Time Lord,”

“Yes, I’m a Time Lord, but I’m one of the nice ones.” He assured his old love. He walked forward. She back away from him, until she was behind the doorway.

“Get away from me,” he remembered when he murdered her originally. This was like a replay of it. It felt like a hot iron was going through both of his hearts.

“Well, look on the bright side. I’m not a Dalek,” but I was, he thought bitterly.

“Who can tell the difference anymore?” She snapped. She hit the red button next to the door, and the door shut.

The Doctor pounded on the door. “Cass!”

“It’s deadlocked! Don’t even try!”

“Cass, just open the door! I’m trying to help!” He shouted to her.

“Go back to your battlefield! You’re not finished yet,” she cried. “Some of the universe is still standing!”

“I’m not leaving this ship without you,” he said. Not again, he thought. I will not let you die again.

“Then you’re going to die right here. Best news of the day,”

“Cass, Cass,” he pounded on the door, repeatedly shouting her name. He would not leave her to die alone a second time.
                The ship crashed on a planet’s surface. The Doctor and Cass both died on impact.

The Doctor woke up with a twitch. He was sitting up. “Cass!” He took in his surroundings. He was in a cave lit by torch light.

An old woman wearing red robes walked forward. She knelt in front of him. “If you refer to your companion, we’re still trying to extract her from the wreckage,” she said softly.

“She wasn’t my companion,” but his eyes lied. She saw that. But she didn’t comment on it. She could tell he was in pain.

“She’s almost certainly dead,” the woman said. “No one could survive that crash,”

“I did,” the Doctor said. But I wish I hadn’t,

“No. We restored you to life, but it’s a temporary measure. You have little under four minutes,”

“Four minutes? That’s ages. What if I get board? I’m going to need television, a couple of books, anyone up for chess? Bring me knitting,”

“You have so little breath left. Spend it wisely,”

Something clicked in his mind. “Hang on… is it you?” He stumbled to his feet. “Am I back on Karn? You’re the Sisterhood of Karn. Keepers of the flame of utter boredom,”

“Eternal life,” she corrected.

“That’s the one,”

“Mock us if you will, but our elixir can trigger your regeneration. Bring you back,” she said. “Time Lord science is elevated here on Karn. But change doesn’t have to be random.” She waved her hand to her sisters, who each held a cup that had smoke coming out of it. “Fat or thin. Young or old. Man or woman.”

“Why would you do this for me?”

“You have helped us in the past,”

“You were never big on gratitude,”

“The war between the Time Lords and the Daleks threatens all reality. You are the only hope left,”

“It’s not my war,” he said, pacing back and forth. He mentally laughed at his comment. “And I will have no part in it,”

“You can’t ignore it forever,”

“I help where I can, I will not fight,”

“Because you are the good man, as you call yourself.” She argued.

“I call myself the Doctor,”

“It’s the same thing in your mind,”

“I like to think so,”

“In that case, Doctor, attend to your patient.” She said, waving to the broken body of Cass. The Doctor looked behind him, and he walked over to her. It felt the iron prongs where being turned slowly, deeper and deeper into his hearts.

The Doctor desperately scanned her with his sonic screwdriver, looking for any sign of life. Please, he thought. Please, not again.

“You’re wasting your time. She is beyond even our help.”

“She wanted to see the universe,” he recalled from both times he met her.

“She didn’t miss much,” the old woman said. “It’s very nearly over,”

“I could have saved her, I could have got her off the ship, but she wouldn’t listen.”

“Then she was wiser than you, she understood there was no escaping the Time War. You are a part of this Doctor, whether you like it or not,”

“I’d rather die,” he whispered.

“You’re dead already,” she hissed. “How many more will you let join you?”

He thought about that. How many more will die if he didn’t do something about the war he started?

“If she could speak, what would she say?” the woman continued.

“To me, nothing. I’m a Time Lord, everything she despised,”

“She would beg your help.” She snapped. “As we beg your help now,” she paused. “The universe stands on the brink. Will you let it fall?”

The Doctor thought for a moment. What would she say? He thought of what she would say. She would say, ‘do what you think best. I’ll stand behind any choice you make,’ She told him that often.

The woman backed up. “Fat or strong. Wise or angry, what do you need now?”

The Doctor picked up Cass’ chest belt.  “Warrior,”

“Warrior?” she asked.

“I don’t suppose there’s any need for a Doctor anymore,” he said. “Make me a warrior now,”

The woman reached for a cup. A Sister walked forward, and gave the woman a cup. “I took the liberty of preparing this one myself,” she said, handing the cup to the Doctor.

He looked into the cup. “Get out, get out!” he bellowed. “All of you,” the Sisterhood walked out. “Will it hurt?” he asked, still looking into the cup.

“Yes,” the woman answered.

“Good,” he said. “Charlie, Caries, Lucy, Molly…friends, companions, I salute you. And Cass, I apologize,” he raised the cup to his lips. “Physician, heal thyself,” He thought of Cass for the last time as that Doctor.

And he drank from the cup. He dropped it, and his hands started glowing. He gasped, and he exploded into a golden burst of energy.

A minute later, the woman asked, “Is it done?”

The new Doctor stroked Cass’ face for the last time, and picked up Cass’s belt. He threw it over his shoulders, and looked at himself in a puddle.

He walked out of the cave, and found his TARDIS. He put it right side up, and walked in.

He went over to his counsel, and set the coordinates for Gallifrey. Someone needed to stop this war. And he decided it was going to be him.


What could I say about Wicked….best musical ever? Probably!
Oh! And check out my deviant account!



What could I say about Wicked….best musical ever? Probably!

Oh! And check out my deviant account!

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Chapter 6 “The Time War”

Chapter six is up! One chapter to go! Remember to give your opinions. Get ready to be hit in the feels!

Months of work was done. The Doctor had killed all the intruders that where sent to stop his work. He shot them without a second thought. He didn’t care about inferior beings.

There were some times when he wouldn’t eat or sleep for days. There were other times when he would sleep for days because of the days he spent up. There were some times when he wouldn’t eat for days on end. Or he would eat very little.

He lost enough weight to be underweight. His cloths became extremely baggy. It looked like he was wearing potato sacks instead of clothing. His skin paled from the lack of sunlight.

But he didn’t care. He was too busy to care.

About six months into the project he finally found the answer. But it came with a cost. A heavy cost. But he didn’t care. Anything to save his masters. Because nothing was too extreme.

“Dalek Supreme, I have finally found a solution,” the Doctor said proudly.

 “Explain,” it said.

The Doctor took in a deep breath. “I’ll have to create a machine that’ll connect me to the Daleks’ main computer, to give you the knowledge of time travel. And I’ll have to use my cells to give you the ability of regeneration. It shouldn’t take long though,”

“How much longer?” it asked.

“A couple of days,” he said. “A week at most,”

The Dalek Supreme thought for a minute. “You are expected to finish this project within the week. The Daleks cannot survive much longer.”

“Understood,” He said. “But there is one problem,”

“Explain,” it said.

“Because I will be connected to the Dalek software, I cannot be disconnected. Or else you will lose all knowledge of time travel. And while I’m connected to the Dalek software, I will be able to control the new Daleks.”

“Is there an alternative?” it asked.

The Doctor shook his head. “There is no other way,”

The Dalek Supreme though about the situation. “Proceed,”

The Doctor turned, and walked back to his lab.

A week passed. The new Daleks were made, as promised, and put in their metal shells. These Daleks had the power to regenerate, but only once, unlike Time Lords, who could regenerate 12 times.

The Doctor also created an outlet into the Daleks’ supercomputer, and in the back of his neck. He took a seat in a chair, and connected wires from his arms and legs to the computer. Then he connected a thick wire to the computer, and then to his neck. The TARDIS was also connected to the computer.

Gallifreyan filled the screen. Equations and TARDIS diagrams scattered the screen. The time vortex was shown and how to maneuver it. Time-space coordinates were shown. The Eye of Harmony was displayed. All the Time Lord’s knowledge was open to the Daleks.

A Dalek rolled up to the Doctor. “The Time Lords are approaching.”

The Doctor looked to it. “How many TARDISes are approaching?”


“Destroy them all. Because to leave a TARDIS is to leave a Time Lord. And to leave a Time Lord is to leave information.” The Doctor thought for a moment. “Send the Special Weapon’s Daleks to deal with them,”

The Special Weapon’s looked like a Dalek, but hit had a flat head, and a gun powerful enough to blow the Eiffel Tower to smithereens. 

They were sent against the Time Lords. Time Lords and Daleks were destroyed. But the Daleks won.

“All TARDISes have been destroyed.” The Dalek reported.

The Doctor licked his lips. “Gather 10,000 Daleks. We’re going to war.”

The Dalek looked to him.

“The Time Lords are inferior to us. They must be exterminated.” He said, like that should be the obvious answer.

The Dalek left the room.


Days later the Dalek returned. It told the Doctor that they were defeated. The Doctor frowned, and thought about an improvement to the Daleks’. The improvement uploaded, and it was sent through wavelengths into the Daleks’ minds.

“Go back to Gallifrey, and defeat them,” the Doctor commanded.

Two days later the Dalek returned, and told the Doctor that they were victorious. But with only one city.

“Progress is slow, my Daleks,” the Doctor assured them. “But those inferior to us will fall.” The Doctor thought for a moment. “Go to Karnavious. You will find the Werelox there. If you frighten them enough, they will fear for their lives enough to serve you. They are a… useful tool against humanoids.”

The Dalek left the room. It gathered several Daleks, and they traveled to Karnavious. When they were there, they found the Werelox. The Werelox where a wolverine race. Their claws and teeth had venom in them. If someone was scratched by one, and you saw the moon…well. You became one of them. The Doctor met them before.

                The Daleks returned days later with hundreds of them. Ranks were made, and they were sent to Gallifrey to do their worst.

                On Gallifrey, after the Werelox invasion, their president, Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana for short), had anyone with a fresh scratch to be quarantined. She knew about the stories her Doctor had with the Werelox. She wasn’t going to take her chances with them. Those under quarantine had only artificial light. They had no access to the sunlight or moonlight.

The Werelox themselves where the hardest part. They had to be shot. Romana commanded that no Werelox where to be captured. They were dangerous alive as well as dead. She commanded that their bodies be brought to a lab, where their venom would be extracted safely. It would be used to make an anti-toxin, to fight the venom.

Soon all the Werelox on Gallifrey were dead. But the damage they made was irreparable. They cut hundreds of soldiers and political leaders. The numbers of both soldiers and leaders was low. Romana ordered an immediate search for a cure.

But a cure was a long was away.

On Skaro, the Doctor’s cells were being duplicated to continue making new Daleks. But the biggest problem with the regeneration. Once his cells were duplicated, they lost regeneration energy. The copied cell became unable to regenerate. 

The Doctor thought of more ways to destroy the Time Lords. He thought of many vicious and inhuman ways to dispose of them. But a sound of a TARDIS interrupted his thoughts. The Doctor looked to his TARDIS, but it was still there.


A wooden grandfather formed behind the Doctor. The Master stumbled out, holding an ax.

The Doctor looked behind him. He was about to shout for Daleks, but the Master put his hand over the Doctor’s mouth. The Doctor bit his hand with a painful crunch to follow. The Master yelled in pain.

“This is for revenge against the Daleks,” the Master said. He ripped the cord from the Doctor’s neck. The Doctor gasped with wide eyes. The Master snapped in the Doctor’s face. “Wake up!”

The Doctor blinked a couple times. He rubbed his eyes, and looked around. He saw the cords in his arms and legs. He tore them out, and he stood.

The next thing he saw was a bleeding Master destroying a computer with an ax.

Daleks swarmed into the room led by the Dalek Supreme. The Master hid behind the computer.

“Where’s Cass?” the Doctor asked it.

“She is dead,” it said.

“You said you wouldn’t hurt her.”

“You killed her,”

“No,” he said. “No, I wouldn’t have.”

“You murdered her.”

The Doctor trembled with rage. “No!” He went behind the destroyed computer, and ripped the ax from the Master’s hands. He ran over to the Dalek Supreme, and he hacked the ax to its head. The momentum was enough to cut the Dalek’s head off. He continued to swing off Daleks’ heads until none were left in the room. He dropped the ax, and fell to his knees in exhaustion.

When he was on his knees, memories of the past six months flowed into his mind. The most painful was him murdering Cass. A tear streamed down his face.

But he remembered where her body is. He stood up, and ran to his old room. He slammed the door open, and saw the pale body of Cass. Her dry blood covered the floor. Her ring was covered with her blood. Her hazel eyes where still open. His footprints where around her body. He hated himself.

He scooped the lifeless form of Cass, and walked back to the TARDIS. The Master was long gone. But the Doctor didn’t care. He was the real reason Cass died. He walked over to his TARDIS, and kicked the door open. Thankfully it was unlocked.

He set Cass on the armchair. Then he walked over to the counsel, and punched in the coordinates that belonged to Cass’ time.

Once that was done, he broke down crying. He cried for the entire voyage. When the time rotor stopped, the Doctor whipped his face, and he opened the TARDIS doors.

He made a huge pile of wood, and set Cass on top. Then he lit the wood on fire, engulfing Cass with it.

The TARDIS was silent as she flew through the time vortex. The Doctor looked at the ring he took off Cass’ hand. He polished it, so it was shinny again. But it only filled him with sadness. He thought of what he would do to save Cass.

He leaped to his counsel and set the coordinates to three days before he ever met Cass. He was going back to New York.



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last time i did this my wish really came true. so im going to wish again

nothing to lose. :))

Let’s hope

Why not? :)

*crossing fingers*

pretty much^^^^

i got nothing to lose. (:

Last time i did this my wish came true.

Jesus Christ if my wish comes true I will piss

im fucking crying of joy at the /thought/ of my wish coming true…

it came true last time…so why not


hoping and praying…

Why not.

lets see.

my wish came true……………..this is creepy

















last time i did this my wish really came true. so im going to wish again

nothing to lose. :))

Let’s hope

Why not? :)

*crossing fingers*

pretty much^^^^

i got nothing to lose. (:

Last time i did this my wish came true.

Jesus Christ if my wish comes true I will piss

im fucking crying of joy at the /thought/ of my wish coming true…

it came true last time…so why not


hoping and praying…

Why not.

lets see.

my wish came true……………..this is creepy

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Chapter 5 “Broken Promises”

Short Chapter today! Sorry for posting 12 hours later than usuaL I usually post before I go to school and today is Saturday.  Also, I had a long day practicing for Solo and Ensemble and searching for my phone of less than two months in a snowbank after I dropped it last night at the end of my road. Sadly, they plowed. (I didn’t find it) Anyway, enough about me! Story time! Enjoy! 

 The Master walked down the halls of the underground city. He was summoned by the Dalek Supreme for an urgent matter.

He opened the door to the control room, and walked in.

The Dalek Supreme was waiting for him.

“Yes, my lord?” the master said.

As always, the Dalek Supreme got straight to the point. “You have done well,” it said.

“Thank you,”

“But we cannot keep to your terms,”


“You will be exterminated!” it shouted.

Several Daleks flooded into the room. The Master ran past them as fast as he could. He barely missed their shots.

He ran down the halls, occasionally bumping into walls or even Daleks. But eventually he ran far enough to rah his TARDIS. He scrambled to get the key for it out. As he opened the door, he has shot in his right heart. He fell in, and collapsed.

Chapter 4 “A Changed Man”

Thanks to all the readers! Please leave your opinions though. My friend really wants to know how other people are taking to her story. (I also will be posting revised chapters) Read on!

The Doctor worked for hours on end. He didn’t think about food, or drink, or rest. His mind was only focused on finding a way to create life. He found it harder than he expected. Much harder. But he saw the Daleks when they were first created. He had the basic idea of what he needed to make the Daleks.

His face was sweaty and his hair blown back from the times the chemicals exploded. It didn’t happen often, but it did happen.

Almost nine hours passed of just work went by when the Master walked in.

“Doctor, you need sleep.”

The Doctor, looking into a microscope, answered, “Sleep is for tortoises,” he said. “I will not rest until I find a way to recreate their tissue structure.”

The Master leaned on the table next to the Doctor. “When’s the last time you ate?”

Silence. “I don’t need food,”

“You are not a Dalek,” said the Master.

“And neither are you,”

There was silence in the room. “Doctor, look at me,”

The Doctor looked at him annoyed.

“Eat, and rest.”

The Doctor blinked. He finally realized how hungry and tired he was. He yawned. “I’ll continue tomorrow,”

The next day there was a break-in. Two Time Lords were trying to sabotage the Doctor’s work. The Doctor and the Master went running after them with a squad of Daleks. The Doctor grabbed a gun, and cornered the Time Lords against the wall. He shot them without a second thought.

Four more days went by since he saw Cass. She was starting to get worried about him. That night, she sneaked around, trying to find him.

She tiptoed through the halls of the Dalek city. She peeked through the small, circular windows on the doors, looked for the Doctor.

In a room not far from his lab, he was sleeping on a cot.

She carefully opened the door, and silently knelt next to the Doctor. She shock the Doctor.

“Doctor,” she whispered almost inaudibly.  “Doctor,” She repeated his name again, but louder.

 He turned, and looked at her. Her hand hovered near her face. He grabbed her wrist in a grip of iron. She gasped in pain.

“What are you doing here?” He asked angrily.

“I was worried about you. It’s been five days since I last saw you,” she whispered.

“I don’t visit inferior beings,” he said. He stood up, while lifting Cass with him.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“Nothing’s wrong with me,” he said. “But there’s something wrong with you,”

“What?” she asked offended. “Doctor, snap out of it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” he repeated.

She forced her hand out of his grip. “I’m sorry for this,” she said. She drew back her hand, and backhanded him. His head flipped to the right. A pulsing red mark was on his face.

His jaw twitched, and he slapped her across the face even harder. She fell to the ground from the blow. She clenched her face with her hand. She stumbled to her feet. A tear streamed down her face.

“Doctor, please. What’s wrong with you?” Cass begged.

“I’m fine,” he insisted. He pushed his coat out of the way, showing the gun he used to kill the two Time Lords four days ago in his holster. He pointed the gun to Cass.

“Please Doctor,” she begged. “I love you,”

“I don’t know who you are,” he said. He pointed his gun at her, and he fired.

She gasped in pain as the bullet impaled itself in her heart. She fell to the ground, crying.

“Doctor,” she cried. “Doctor,”

The Doctor simply walked over her, more or less accidentally kicking her in her side. She gasped in pain.

“Doctor,” she continued to beg. Her blood streamed from her body like a red river. She was dead within a minute.

But the Doctor didn’t care. He had work to do. He had to save the Daleks.

Chapter 3 “The Master”

Thanks for reading this! I just would like t o remind you to please message me with your thoughts. This is my friend’s story and she really wants to know of ways she can improve it. Now, enjoy Chapter 3!

The Doctor burst out laughing. “Is there something wrong with your circuitry? Or are you actually serious? ”

“You will create new Daleks,” the Dalek Supreme repeated.

“And why should I? I’ve defeated you hundreds of times. Why would you want you’re arch enemy to recreate your race? An even better question. Why would you even ask your arch enemy to recreate your race?”

“You have the scientific knowledge necessary to create new life. You also have knowledge that will be useful to us.”

“Like what? How to walk on feet?”

“Time travel and regeneration.” The Dalek Supreme said plainly.

The Doctor’s eyes got wide. “There is something defiantly wrong with your circuitry.” The Doctor turned to leave.

“Halt,” the Dalek Supreme commanded.

The Doctor walked backwards. “You’re not going to fire at me. Why should I listen to you?” He turned back around, and continued to walk for the door.

“Your associate will be exterminated.” It threatened.

The Doctor stopped right in his tracks.

“What is your answer? Will you create new Daleks?” It pressed.

The Doctor looked at the Dalek. “At least give me time to think about it because unlike you, I actually care about what I do and the consequences that follow. If you’d kindly rejoin me with Cass, I’d be more than happy to talk it over with her,”

Two Daleks entered the room, one on each side of the Doctor.

“Take the Doctor to his associate.” Commanded the Dalek Supreme. Both Daleks and the Doctor turned to leave.

Another Dalek rolled in. “Dalek Supreme, a TARDIS has been detected within range. Should we bring it to the planet surface?”

The Dalek Supreme thought for a moment. “Yes. Bring the passengers to me alive.”

“I will obey,” said the Dalek.

“They asked you to do what?” Cass exclaimed.

“That was my reaction too. But their dead serious. They actually want me to create new Daleks.”

“Are you going to?”

The Doctor sighed. He looked to her and winked. “I’m thinking about it,”


He shrugged. “Helping the universe one alien at a time.” He winked again to make it obvious he didn’t mean it. She winked back.

She shrugged. “Well, I hope you’re right,”

The Doctor paced for a minute. “But on the other hand…” he mused. “If I create Daleks, I’d be no better than Davros. No… I won’t.” He walked over to the camera surveying them. “Well, Dalek. You wanted an answer? Then here’s your answer. No. N-O.”

The Doctors face was the only thing on the blue tinted screen that connected to the prison’s camera.

“Well, Dalek. You wanted an answer? Then here’s your answer. No. N-O.”

The Dalek Supreme watched this. A man dressed in black with a beard and black hair walked in, with two Dalek escorts.

“This was the pilot of the TARDIS. There were no others with him,” a Dalek reported.

“What are you called?” The Dalek Supreme asked.

“I am called the Master. I hear that you have the Doctor here,” he said.

 “Silence!” both Dalek guards.

“I could help you,” offered the Master.

“Take him to the others.” Said the Dalek Supreme.

“Obey!” cried the Dalek guards.

The Master turned, and he was led to Cass and the Doctor.

The door to the prison opened. A man Cass and the Doctor where all too familiar with walked in. The heavy door slammed shut behind him.

“It not only rains, but it pours,” muttered the Doctor. Cass, pretending to be frightened, stayed close to the Doctor.

“Doctor! What a surprise!” The Master exclaimed.

“If I could only say the same,” the Doctor said. “Daleks got you for the same reason?”

The Master raised an eyebrow. “Why where you brought here?”

“Why should he tell you?” Cass said shyly.

“Ah, Cass! I didn’t see you there.” He walked forward, and took her hand. He placed a peck on it. She slapped his across the face.

A large bright red mark was left on his face. The Master looked back and saw the Doctor smiling. He rubbed his red mark.

“So, Doctor. You’ve got a little pet here. But why are you here?”

“Sure, I’ll tell you. Why not? The Daleks want me to restart their race.”

The Master raised an eyebrow. “Interesting.”

He didn’t say anything else that night.

While the Doctor and Cass were asleep, the Master crept over to the camera.

“I can help you get the Doctor to do what you want. If you want my help, send for me.” He whispered.

He lay on the prison for what seemed like eternity on the dark. Did they really want his help? 

Just as he dosed off, the heavy door opened. Two Daleks came in. The Doctor jumped to his feet, and stood protectively over Cass. She sat up.

“The Master will come with us.” A Dalek commanded.

He stood, and walked with the Daleks. When they reached their destination, the Dalek Supreme cut right to the chase.

“How can you convince the Doctor to obey us?” It asked.

The Master dug into his pocket, and brought out a gold fob watch. “Hypnotism,” the Master said plainly. “I need the Doctor brought here, and I can start.” But… I need something in return.”

“What do you asking in return?” Said the Dalek Supreme.

“When the Doctor creates new Daleks, they will help me become the master of the galaxy.”


“You want new Daleks? If yes, then agree to my terms.”

“We’ll persuade him in other ways,”

“And once the other persuasions are exhausted? Then what? Agree to my terms, and you’ll have new Daleks.”

“We do not need your help.” Argued the Dalek Supreme “You will be exterminated.”

“You need me! Without me, the Doctor will never willing consent into creating new Daleks. He wouldn’t give it any thought. But…” the Master said to save his life. “If you agree to my terms, then you can have an army of Daleks. All I’m asking is an alliance. Your kind with me.”

The Dalek Supreme thought for a moment. The Master held his breath. His hearts pounded against his chest. Yet he acted as calm as a Time Lord could.

“Bring the Doctor,” The Dalek Supreme finally said. The Master silently released his breath.

Minutes later, the Daleks and the Doctor walked in.

“Oh, you can kill him,” said the Doctor. “He’s already past his 12 regenerations.”

“Sit down Doctor,” said the Master.

“And if I don’t?”

“Cass gets hurt.”

“If you so much as scratch her-” threatened the Doctor.

“Then I suggest you sit down.” The Master interrupted. The Doctor found a chair, and took a seat. “One more thing; if you resist, Cass will be killed.”

The Master loomed above him. He dropped the fob watch, and the Doctor’s eyes followed it.

“Now listen Doctor,” the Master started. “You are serving the Daleks. Everything that they request of you, you obey. Nothing is too extreme to obey them. Is that clear?”

The Doctor’s eyes were hazy. The Master knew he was trying to fight it off. But the Doctor knew if he resisted, Cass would die. Soon enough, he went under.

“Doctor, you are to create new Daleks.” The Dalek Supreme commanded.

The Doctor looked to it. “I’ll need a computer, some test tubes, and wires.”

its a bit predictable and rather creepy. I always find stories where the Doctor knew the companion as a little girl rather unsettling and creepy. So sadly a 1 or 2 for me. Like he was just waiting for her to get older so he could take her to bed.

Thanks for your opinion, anyhow. My friend has only just started out with writing, and she isn’t horribly familiar with Eight. Four’s her doctor. I believe she was trying to toy with the idea that Eight is the “romantic” doctor. Trust me, when I first read it, I almost had a heart attack. She also needed some major event to explain why he died with Cass, a supposed total stranger. Anyway, as another reader, I see your logic completely. I’ll ask my friend if she can revise the chapter somehow. Your opinion is greatly appreciated!  

Chapter 2 “Skaro”

Thanks for your opinion anon! I’ll make sure it gets to my friend. Until then, here’s chapter two!

“Doctor! What’s going on?” Cass shouted over the TARDIS’s cloister bell.

The Doctor stumbled to his feet. When he got to his feet, the TARDIS lurched to the right. The Doctor grabbed one of the six metal beams, and reached for Cass’ hand as she slid by. She caught his hand, and he heaved her to her feet. She clung to the beam.

The Doctor carefully walked over to the counsel, as the TARDIS snapped forward.  The Doctor’s feet where swept under him, and he slid towards the door. The door flew open, showing the time vortex. The Doctor was unsuccessful in stopping his sliding.

“Doctor!” Cass shouted again.

He slid out of the TARDIS, and his hands gripped the edge of the blue police box for dear life. He looked behind him, and saw the time vortex swirling around him. A couple of his books flew into the vortex. He clawed his way back into the TARDIS.

When he got back in, he slammed the door shut, and slammed his body against it. His arm chair was sliding over at him. He dodged it, and used the seat as a spring board to reach a beam. His fingers wrapped around the metal as the TARDIS lurched to the right again. He forced himself to stand. He smiled at Cass, who smiled back.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“I don’t know! Something’s dragging the TARDIS off course!” He said. “Hang on tight!” He looked to the console. “I’m going to try to get to the console, and correct our course!”

                She nodded.

The TARDIS leaned backwards. The Doctor turned his body while still holding onto the beam. When his body was parallel to the console, he let go. He slammed into the console. The Doctor rapidly flipped switches, and pressed buttons. The TARDIS made its familiar wheezing sound, and she landed.

“Can I get go now?” she asked playfully.

“We are landed, aren’t we?” he asked.

She smiled, and let go. The Doctor stood next to her.

“Now…where were we?” He cleared his throat, and got down on one knee. He held up the velvet box. “Catharine Smith, will you-”

The doors of the TARDIS burst open. The Doctor sighed, and lowered his arm. He looked behind him. Daleks poured in. The Doctor brushed himself off, and stood next to Cass. He was a few inches taller.

“Hail! Do not move!” A Dalek commanded.

“Well, we weren’t moving,” said the Doctor.

“Silence, Doctor!” the Dalek shouted.

“You could have asked nicely,” he muttered.

“Silence!” the Dalek said louder.

The Doctor made a zipping motion over his lips.

“The Dalek Supreme wishes to see you, Doctor.” The Dalek said. The Doctor raised an eyebrow. “You will follow us, or your associate will be exterminated,”

The Doctor put his hands up. “Okay,”

He looked at Cass. She mouthed two words to him. I do. He smiled big. He looked back to the Daleks, and walked forward. Cass trailed behind him. He slipped the box from outside his pocket, and put it in the palm of his hand. He put his hands behind him. Cass took the box, and slipped it into her coat pocket. She carefully took the ring out of the box, and put it on her finger.

When they were out of the TARDIS, the Doctor took a sniff of the air. “Skaro,”

“Again?” Cass moaned.

The Doctor shrugged. “It’s better than Kroll,” he said.

Cass shrugged as well.

They walked for miles over stone. The Doctor and Cass walked side by side.

 There were some piles with grave markers. One of the names was ‘Romana’.

“Wasn’t she one of your companions?” Cass asked timidly.

“Yes. She didn’t die though. She tricked the Daleks into thinking she was dead so she could escape them.”

“Smart,” She admired.

“She was brilliant,” he said.

“Silence.” A Dalek said.  Cass stuck her tongue out at it. The Doctor chuckled.

About a mile more, the party took an elevator down to the lower levels of Skaro. The Doctor leaned down to Cass’ ear.

“Do you remember the first time you met the Daleks?” he whispered.

“Of course I do,”

“Act like that. Make them believe you’re a damsel in distress. They won’t expect much out of you then. Can you do that?”

She smiled to him. She stiffened slightly, and she leaned closer to the Doctor. The Doctor stood up taller.

“Why does the Dalek Supreme want to see me? I thought I wasn’t very liked by the Daleks,” The Doctor said.

“Silence, or you will be-”

“Exterminated. Yeah, I get it. But why would you exterminate me, if the Dalek Supreme wants to see me?”

The Dalek was silent. The elevator stopped, and the Doctor and the Dalek walked out. Cass followed.

“Your  associate will stay here.”

“Doctor, please don’t leave me here!” Cass panicked.

“It’ll be fine, Cass. Just don’t cause any trouble,” he said.

She nodded worried. The elevator closed.

“Follow me, Doctor,” the Dalek commanded. The Doctor followed the Dalek. They went down a couple hallways, until they got to a certain door. The Dalek commanded the Doctor to open it. He did as he was told.

In the front of the room was a red Dalek with gold bulbs around its body. “Doctor,”


“You have been brought here for one reason,” it said.


“The Dalek race is dying. You, Doctor, will create new Daleks.”